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The ultimate space saver

Enhance File Security

Easily encrypt and password protect your important assets.

Completely confidential

Your files could not be in safer or more experienced hands,

Environmentally friendly

Scanning reduces your paper footprint, helping you stay green.

The ultimate space saver

We provide document scanning services that help companies within Gibraltar to manage their files in a much easier way. Holding your documents electronically has many advantages, including the prevention of lost records, easy management of data and instant retrieval.  It gives massive savings on storage space and can minimize the need for filing cabinets.

We can scan documents from as small as a postage stamp through to the regular A5, A4 and A3 sizes.  We can also scan the larger A2, A1 and A0 sizes.  Scanned images can be saved in multiple file formats (pdf, tiff, jpeg, etc.) and we will supply you with your records on pen drive, CD or portable hard disc.

Save on office space

Do away with costly file storage and free up your valuable space.

Take your files anywhere

Make your work portable and easily access it anywhere you go.

Simplify data recovery

Recover misplaced or stolen files quickly and easily.

Contact us at info@imagegraphics.gi or a free quote or further information