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Bulk Shredding

Safe and secure document destruction

Pick-Up Service

Our friendly shredding team picks up your files and transports them immediately to our secure destruction facility.

Completely confidential

Trusted in Gibraltar for nearly 40 years, you can rest assured files are destroyed safely and securely with the upmost discretion.

Environmentally friendly

After securely shredding your documents, waste is sent to the recycling centre, helping your business stay green.

Safe & secure document destruction

Bulk document shredding is an invaluable service for small and large businesses. We collect and shred secure paperwork and waste paper from your business premises, offering an environmentally friendly and secure means of disposing of any paper assets.

Our bulk shredding service offers many advantages, including but not limited to; saving you office space, being environmentally friendly, providing completely confidential and secure handling of your documents and also saving your business money.

Contact us at info@imagegraphics.gi for a free quote or further information