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You filter your water, why not your air?

IDEAL air purifiers embody German quality. With a range of purifiers for the home to large offices, there is something for everyone.

IDEAL air purifiers clean the air from pollution, allergens, pollen, pathogens and even smells.
Specially developed HEPA filters with multi- stage filtration technology remove pollutants from your indoor air – including respirable and ultrafine particles (nanoparticles) that can make you sick.

Our air purifiers combine the best performance with extremely quiet running. The flow-optimised air routing and highly efficient fan achieve a high air throughput even at the lowest filtration level.

Compact yet powerful devices.


Compact yet powerful.
Professional air purification for everyone.

The compact high-performance air purifiers AP30 PRO and AP40 PRO combine a sleek design with efficient air purification, while boasting very quiet running and low energy consumption. The 360° smart filter system with a long-life HEPA filter and particularly high proportion of activated carbon guarantees high air throughput rates and optimum filtering – whereby pollutants and impurities are reliably removed. Perfect for apartments, home offices and other rooms.

Optimum airflow

The 360° smart filter system also captures particles located further away from all angles. For fresh air – throughout the room.

Compact power

Despite the unit’s compact dimensions, it guarantees the highest air throughput and optimum cleaning performance.

Low service costs

The long-life filter means that the filter only needs to be changed around every 12 months.


Efficient air purification redefined.

Keeping the air in large, heavily frequented rooms clean at all times is a real challenge. All components of our air purifiers interact perfectly. The filter technology, fans and sensor technology in the IDEAL AP60 PRO and AP80 PRO have been designed to deliver extremely high air throughput rates and maximum cleaning performance, while at the same time maintaining low noise and vibration. The multi-layer combination filter was developed specifically for the AP-PRO models and provides effective protection from pollutants in the indoor air thanks to highly efficient filter media. The robust, high-grade metal housing blends in discreetly in any environment – ideal for (open-plan) offices and conference rooms in all industries.

Maximum power

The flow-optimised air routing and the highly efficient radial fan allow a high air throughput with perfect control.

Near-silent night mode

For super-quiet operation in the background. In night mode, all lights in the display are also dimmed.

Perfect timing

With the timer function, the unit switches itself on or off automatically based on the preselected runtime.


Powerful, flexible, low-maintenance.
For cleaner air and a healthier working environment.

The IDEAL AP140 PRO has been designed for industrial applications such as warehouses and logistics centres or print shops. The multi-stage filtration technology reliably removes pollutants, impurities and pathogens – thereby protecting employees, machines, electronic systems and sensitive goods around the clock and completely flexibly. Also ideal for open-plan offices, hotel receptions and similar areas of application.

For areas up to 160 sqm

The AP140 PRO reliably keeps halls, workshops and other very large rooms free of impurities and pollutants.

Ready for use immediately

The air purifier can be used at any time from any location without the need for conversion work. Simply roll it to the desired deployment location.

High air throughput

Extra large inlets, outlets and a giant fan guarantee a throughput of up to 1400 m3/h.

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